FUN. Tour 2013

Orangelite has earned a reputation for excellence in lighting and production design by pushing the envelope and providing the best experience for both client and audience. We provide the highest level of service and personalized design to make your entire project a raving success. Dedication, passion, and attention to detail are what sets Orangelite apart.

Having the capacity to look at a production from all viewpoints – as designers, clients, and audience members – is a crucial collaborate challenge Orangelite truly enjoys. A great designer is an artist who is able to not only creates visually engaging images but can also convey a story throughout their design. We at Orangelite are great designers.

True attention to detail, understanding the scope and dynamic needs of the client is something that cannot be taught – it requires true passion.  We have had a passion for lighting since we first started flipping light switches in our parent's basements. Every minute is dedicated to learning the art and craft of lighting design, down to the most minuscule details.