FUN. Tour 2013

Orangelite has earned a reputation for excellence in lighting and production design by always pushing the envelope and providing the best experience for both the client and the audience.  Anybody can hang a few lights, program a few looks, and have a show; but dedication, passion, and attention to detail are where Orangelite excels.  On even the smallest shows Orangelite provides the highest level of service and personalized design to make not only your lighting, but your entire project a raving success.

We believe a good designer is someone who can create a captivating and visually stimulating image.  A GREAT designer is an artist who goes beyond the entertainment industry's flash and spectacle, conveying a story through their design, while drawing the audience into the environment and keeping them captivated and engaged.

Big pictures are composed of small details and we have a knack for translating a client's grand dream into reality by watching even the smallest of details.  Transporting an audience isn't so much a learned skill as it is something developed from a passion, one that we have been working on since producing shows as a young kids in our parent’s basements with flashlights and Christmas lights.

We have had the opportunity to realize our talent for collaboration and producing the "magic" day after day. Looking at a production from all viewpoints, from design to the enjoyment of the audience, is a challenge.  But it is crucial for every production - and we love it.

True attention to detail, understanding the scope and dynamic needs of the client is something that can not be taught, you have to be born with a passion.  We have had a passion for lighting since we first started flipping light switches in our parent's basements, over 20 years ago.  Since then, every waking minute is dedicated to learning the art and craft of lighting design, down to the most minuscule details.